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About us

Sukkar, a concept by Logma, serves modernized Khaleeji & Emirati sweets - such as Lugaimat with a signature array of flavors and topping - as well as others popular new-age desserts like cakes, cheesecakes, milk cakes, puffs, cookies, brownies speciality shakes and more. Sukkar's twist lies in flaring most of its creations with local flavors and ingredients such as saffron, rose, pistachio, and karak to name a few.

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Prepared with pure ingredients to satisfy your taste buds. An irresistible and mouthwatering taste
will always bring you back to Sukkar.

Saffron Milk Cake Tray AED 220

[Vegetarian] Saffron cake, saffron milk sauce, light whipped cream, saffron threads

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Ferrero Rocher Cake AED 220

Moist chocolate cake with a ferrero rocher chocolate ganache frosting and ferrero rocher chunks

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Rose cake AED 160

[Vegetarian] Fragrant rose cake, rose - infused white chocolate ganache frosting

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Chewy Chocolate Cookies.AED 50/ onwards

[The Big One], [Minis]

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A cute desert cafe at the box park. Honestly haven’t got a chance to return back to try more flavors of the milk cakes. But what we tried on our first visit was a rose milk cake. So yum, fresh and flavorful. The cake was moist and just melted in our mouths. Definitely a go to dessert place for me.

- Shruti Sandaw

Few days back I posted about Logma, they have presented a new go to place for all the dessert lover which is Sukkar (means Sugar). Sukkar have a concept of khalijee touch to all of their desserts. . I didn't know that Logma and Sukkar is by one group until I visited the Logma. They have done a great work of introducing the Emarati Cuisine to the expats and the tourist. ...

- Nihan Shaikh

Sukkar means sugar and a slight variation means gratitude (sukhr). And the first will make you feel the latter. Delicate, rich and every bite resonates on your taste buds. The chocolate brownie is what we tried. Felt is was a little pricey but only till we had taken the first bite.

- Umesh Pherwani

Visited this place to satisfy my sugar cravings. It was suggested by a friend. Ambience is good. Service is great. I ordered cookie crumble. It was blissful. Its good for 2 to 3 people. Must visit.

- Drishti Kapoor
  • Mirdif City Center, Mirdif

  • BoxPark, Al Wasl Road, Al Safa

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